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Mission Statement

We aim to provide a high level of patient care. We do this by treating patients with dignity, respect and honesty. We work to protect and promote overall health and wellbeing in a nourishing and caring environment improving lives and ensuring that everyone counts as a worker and a user of the NHS.

Working Together

To ensure that we involve patients with the growth of the practice. To provide a service that evolves the NHS over time involving patients, staff, families, carers, communities and professionals.

Respect and Dignity

To value every person and provide excellent customer service. We shall be open and caring and work together to keep promises and deliver a service above expectations. We ensure to look after all patients equally and confidentiality.

Commitment to Quality of Care

Ensure that all staff takes part in Continuous Professional Development. We ensure we practice in accordance with national guidelines, recognise best practice, enable our patients and the practice to benefit from continuous improvement and working with the wider healthcare environment to deliver innovative solutions.


We make compassion the core strength of our practice. We are to help all in time of need through listening and understanding.

Improving Lives

We help patients with on-going health issues and ensure that they are managed by all members of staff correctly and effectively. We cherish excellence and professionalism where ever we find it in everyday things to make people's lives better.

Every one counts

Nobody is excluded, discriminated or left behind. We try our best to help all even in difficult situations. We also look after our environment and resource effectively.